How to incentivize LW wiki edits?

How can we in­cen­tivize more pro­duc­tive ac­tivity on the LW wiki? There are many ar­ti­cles that could be cre­ated or ex­panded.

Are there pre­vi­ous dis­cus­sions on this?

One sug­ges­tion: We could add a “good ex­pla­na­tion!” but­ton at the bot­tom of each ar­ti­cle, and ev­ery time it is clicked, the user ac­count re­spon­si­ble for the plu­ral­ity of words in the cur­rent draft of the ar­ti­cle gets 10 karma points. This re­quires that LW and LW-wiki ac­counts be synced, first.

How can this sug­ges­tion be im­proved?

What other sug­ges­tions do peo­ple have?