[Question] What supplements do you use?

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There’s a ra­tio­nal­ist tra­di­tion of think­ing care­fully about sup­ple­ments & nootrop­ics: 1, 2, 3

How­ever, I haven’t seen a record of what sup­ple­ment reg­i­mens peo­ple end up us­ing in prac­tice.

I’ve been fool­ing around with sup­ple­ment stacks for a few years now and feel pretty good about my cur­rent reg­i­men (out­lined be­low), but want to see if there’s any low-hang­ing fruit I’ve missed.

So I’m cu­ri­ous… what sup­ple­ments do you use? (Re­ply be­low, or shoot me an email)

Also cu­ri­ous to hear about ob­vi­ous mis­takes and/​or odd­i­ties in my cur­rent stack.

My sup­ple­ment reg­i­men

Dis­claimer: I’m not a doc­tor, this isn’t med­i­cal ad­vice, etc. etc.

Back­ground: 27 years old, biolog­i­cal male, ~200 lbs, BMI of 25, pescatarian

Sup­ple­ments I take:

Sup­ple­ments I’m con­sid­er­ing:

  • Ap­par­ently Ty­ro­sine boosts cog­ni­tive perfor­mance dur­ing stress. There are no­tice­able sub­jec­tive effects when I take 1.0 − 2.0 g on an empty stom­ach. I tried some re­cently and en­joyed it. It’s safe, cheap, and le­gal so I may start us­ing it reg­u­larly to com­ple­ment my caf­feine use.

  • Fol­low­ing this post, I may start tak­ing Vi­tamin K2 in the morn­ing to com­ple­ment my Vi­tamin D3 sup­ple­men­ta­tion.

  • Romeo has told me that Choline is a good daily sup­ple­ment (ap­par­ently many peo­ple are defi­cient & defi­ciency is as­so­ci­ated with de­pres­sion). I haven’t poked the liter­a­ture on this yet.

Sup­ple­ments I don’t take any more:

  • I used to take fish oil daily. Gw­ern likes it, but I didn’t no­tice any effect & was scared off by the po­ten­tial nega­tive effects. Also I eat sushi some­times which prob­a­bly does some of the work fish oil would do.

  • I used to take a small as­pirin daily but stopped af­ter a large RCT found that the down­side risk prob­a­bly negates the benefit.

  • For a while I took lithium to boost mood, but stopped af­ter my repli­ca­tion of Gw­ern’s RCT failed to show an effect.