Experience of typical mind fallacy.

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I am quite sure in my ex­pe­rience that at some point be­tween the ages of 10-15 I con­cluded that; “no the rest of the world does not think like me, I think in an un­usual way”.

This idea dis­agrees with the typ­i­cal mind fal­lacy (where peo­ple out­wardly gen­er­al­ise to think ev­ery­one else has similar minds to their own).

I sus­pect I started with a typ­i­cal mind model of the world but at some point it broke badly enough that I re-mod­el­led on “I just think differ­ently to most oth­ers”.

I wanted to start a new dis­cus­sion; rather than con­tin­u­ing on from one in 2009;

Where do your ex­pe­riences lie in re­la­tion to typ­i­cal minds?