[Question] Where are the post-COVID complainers?

Assumption: COVID immunity lasts a long time, because that’s how diseases work, and this is the case for 95+% of people who get COVID or a COVID vaccine.

20% of the United States has had COVID (13-30% per https://​​covid19-projections.com/​​) and presumed immune. Even if we conservatively take the official case count (20M) and trim off 25% to account for possible duplicates, that’s 5% of the population.

Another 1-2% has already been vaccinated and will join them in a month, with more every week after that.

So on the low end, in mid-January, 7% of the country will be fine. COVID-fine, at any rate, but still subject to all local, statewide, and national restrictions.

Why aren’t these people making noise about going back to their normal lives? They want to eat in restaurants and make money working in restaurants. They want to see their friends and shop. They want to do lots of things.

I notice that I am very surprised that this large and growing minority isn’t insisting on partial re-openings (with immunity certificates?). I’m surprised they’re not screaming for it. I’m surprised it’s not a discussion all across the media. What am I missing?