[Question] Alternative name for a Bug List

At our Dojo, we performed an FMEA on all the var­i­ous CFAR tech­niques we have gone over. The biggest failure mode of the Bug List was “dis­count­ing the pos­i­tive”. Ad­di­tion­ally, if we shift our fo­cus to a more pos­i­tive mind­set, it tends to be more mo­ti­vat­ing.

So ba­si­cally, in­stead of be­ing a list of prob­lems in your life, it be­comes a list of fea­tures that the Best Ver­sion of You has, as a list of things you should work on. This also in­cludes fea­tures you already share with this Best Ver­sion of You! That way, you can con­tinue to cul­ti­vate these fea­tures and not lose them, while val­i­dat­ing your­self.

I’m just try­ing to think of a good pithy name for this list. “Fea­ture List” seems pretty ob­vi­ous, but can you think of any bet­ter ones?