New GreaterWrong feature: image zoom + image slideshows

GreaterWrong now has a new fea­ture: image zoom /​ slideshows.

When­ever a post con­tains images (such as this re­cent post about em­bed­ded world-mod­els), you can click on any image…

Clicking an image to enlarge

… to show an en­larged, “light­box” style view of it:

Enlarged image in “lightbox”

You can then page through all the images in the post with the ar­row keys, or by click­ing the next/​pre­vi­ous image but­tons at the left/​right edges of the screen:

Going to the next image

Use the scroll wheel to zoom in or out:

Zoomed in on an image

When zoomed in, you can drag around the screen to pan (just like Google Maps, etc.).

Hit the space bar to re­set size/​po­si­tion.

Hit Es­cape to close the slideshow/​light­box.

Edited to add: You can also hit ac­cesskey-L to start or re­sume the slideshow. (On Mac Chrome, for ex­am­ple, that’s Con­trol-Op­tion-L.)

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