[Question] A game designed to beat AI?

It’s no sur­prise LW is dom­i­nated by COVID ques­tions right now. My guess is that many of us are hold­ing their ground at home and have more spare time than usual. So here is a ques­tion for you: if you are to de­sign a 1v1-type board game and your pur­pose is to con­fuse the AIs, to make it as difficult for them as pos­si­ble, to level the play­ground be­tween hu­mans & ma­chines, or at least to pro­long the pe­riod when hu­man play­ers have an up­per hand over AIs; then what de­signs would you use, what el­e­ments would you in­tro­duce into the game?

Of course, the 2nd most im­por­tant goal is to make an in­ter­est­ing game, one that fas­ci­nate peo­ple and keep them play­ing when­ever they have free time—dur­ing pan­demics, for ex­am­ple.

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