[Question] Looking for a specific group of people

I could use some help.

There exists somewhere a group of people that takes the whole “systemized winning” thing extremely seriously. Their ambition probably sounds insane to normal people. These people set themselves unreasonably difficult goals and achieve them anyways. They develop systems and tools to assist them, and in that group, share them.

Such a group doesn’t advertise itself, and probably works by invitation. I don’t know where they are or could be, but I want to find them anyways. This is where you guys come in:

I need you to point me in the direction of another group, community, discord server, subreddit, forum or whatever that gets me *closer* to what I’m looking for. *It doesn’t have to be the group itself, just closer than this group*. Please let me know if any of you have an idea on where to go next.



- “I don’t think such a group exists”
- https://​​en.wikipedia.org/​​wiki/​​Small-world_experiment—Again, I’m not asking you to point me to the group, but to another group that’s closer to my target group. It doesn’t matter that you don’t know of such a group, but just that I get closer. Imagine the small-world experiment, but I’m the letter going from group to group, so to speak.

- “Isn’t that kind of desperate/​low status/​cringe to put that effort into finding that group?”
- Maybe. Status considerations don’t hold a lot of weight, so I’m doing it anyway.

- “What makes you think they’d take you in even if you find them?”
- There’s no point in premature capitulation, they can reject me once I get there.