Seeking reliable evidence—claim that closing sweatshops leads to child prostitution

I’ve been look­ing for re­li­able ev­i­dence of a claim I’ve heard a few times. The claim is that the clos­ing of sweat­shops (by anti-global­iza­tion ac­tivists) has re­sulted in many of the child work­ers be­com­ing pros­ti­tutes. The idea is fre­quently proffered as an ex­am­ple of do-gooder fool­ish­ness ig­nor­ing ba­sic eco­nomics and screw­ing peo­ple over.

How­ever, de­spite search­ing for a while, I can’t find any­thing to in­di­cate that this ac­tu­ally hap­pened.

Some guy at the Library of Eco­nomics and Liberty men­tions it here:

In one fa­mous 1993 case U.S. sen­a­tor Tom Harkin pro­posed ban­ning im­ports from coun­tries that em­ployed chil­dren in sweat­shops. In re­sponse a fac­tory in Bangladesh laid off 50,000 chil­dren. What was their next best al­ter­na­tive? Ac­cord­ing to the Bri­tish char­ity Ox­fam a large num­ber of them be­came pros­ti­tutes.

But in the ar­ti­cle, Paul Krug­man men­tions the Ox­fam study with­out cita­tion:

In 1993, child work­ers in Bangladesh were found to be pro­duc­ing cloth­ing for Wal-Mart, and Se­na­tor Tom Harkin pro­posed leg­is­la­tion ban­ning im­ports from coun­tries em­ploy­ing un­der­age work­ers. The di­rect re­sult was that Bangladeshi tex­tile fac­to­ries stopped em­ploy­ing chil­dren. But did the chil­dren go back to school? Did they re­turn to happy homes? Not ac­cord­ing to Ox­fam, which found that the dis­placed child work­ers ended up in even worse jobs, or on the streets—and that a sig­nifi­cant num­ber were forced into pros­ti­tu­tion.

I looked at some Ox­fam stuff, but couldn’t find the study.

A similar claim is made in The Race to the Top: The Real Story of Global­iza­tion by To­mas Lars­son (go here and use the search tool for the word ‘pros­ti­tu­tion’), but doesn’t men­tion the Ox­fam study:

Keith E. Maskus, an economist at the Univer­sity of Colorado, has stud­ied the is­sue… He con­cludes that… “The cel­e­brated French ban of soc­cer balls sewn in Pak­istan for the World Cup in 1998 re­sulted in sig­nifi­cant dis­lo­ca­tion of chil­dren from em­ploy­ment. Those who tracked them found that a large pro­por­tion ended up beg­ging and/​or in pros­ti­tu­tion,”

I looked for a pa­per or some­thing by Maskus but came up empty.

I was taught this fact at a Poli Sci class in col­lege, but I’m start­ing to think it’s more likely to be an in­for­ma­tion cas­cade. Can any­one do a bet­ter job than me?

Thanks in ad­vance.