(USA) N95 masks are available on Amazon

My family has been relying on a supply of off brand “procedure masks” that I got at the start of the pandemic, and many of my neighbors are still wearing cloth masks. After reading “A good supply of KN95 masks is available from China, with many supermarkets and pharmacies now selling them for a couple of dollars each.” in Why Aren’t We Wearing Better Masks? I decided to try to buy some of these, but then found something apparently even better: N95 masks of a new design made by a reputable American company, currently available on (and sold directly by) Amazon at a very reasonable price (even cheaper than most KN95 masks). Here’s a Rolling Stone article I found that goes into the design/​features of this mask.

(I also bought a full face mask/​respirator along with a pair of 3M P100 filters, in case I have to go into some really high risk environments.)

Edit: Added a “USA” tag to the post title. Also, in case it’s not clear, I emphasized brand in this post because “Tragically, America is swamped with fraudulent medical-grade masks, some of which are only 1 percent effective.” according to Why Aren’t We Wearing Better Masks?.