What is the link between altruism and intelligence?

When talking about the singularity, BMI’s etc. I haven’t really seen thoughts about our what our moral decisions will be like. When listening to i.e. Kurzweil, he seems to assume the extreme intelligence will make us all completely rational and want the best for everyone and ourselves, that psychopaths will stop being psychopaths and sadists will stop being sadists. I’m not saying there isn’t any ground for this, but I still worry about it because I think there will be a time window of an unstable society where there are people with extremely enhanced cognitive capabilities but no laws to prevent any of them going rogue, misusing their power etc. Will all humans being super-Einsteins prevent a sadist from making a simulation where beings are tortured? Or from trying to take over the world and torture us all for eternity? Has there been any good research for this? Because it seems like the most crucial aspect of whether the singularity will go well or not. I still think it seems like society should advance slow in the early stages of BMI’s and bioengineering of brains, to not let anyone get too far ahead so the good hearted smart people have time to adapt the laws, add more control and find out methods to prevent bad scenarios from happening.