White Sphere Hypothesis

Imagine an existence where the only perspective for your entire life (40 years) has been from the inside of a white sphere. In this white sphere, you have no physical body, and there is nothing else in the white sphere with you. You only exist in this white sphere as a brain with perfectly working eyes attached. The gravity inside creates a perfect equilibrium which forces you to float in a single spot, but you can rotate in any direction. You can’t see your own brain, or what is powering your brain. Your brain sleeps for 8 hours a day, and it’s capable of dreaming. What do you think or dream about inside this white sphere?

I can’t imagine you would be able to think about anything at all. You can’t imagine, “What is this place?”, because you don’t know those words and what they mean. Any language happening in your conscious would be impossible. You’ve never seen an object or angle, so your concept of reality is confined within the white sphere, which, as far as you know, is infinite in every direction. My assumption would be that you’d have the cognitive ability of fetus and nothing more. On the other hand, could it be possible that evolutionary biology would force concepts in your conscious, provoking thought? If so, what would those concepts be? Would they be profound enough to make your conscious question its existence?

Besides sight, could it ever be possible to achieve sentience in this white sphere? And, if not, is it subjectivity that creates the sentience that drives us?