Sidekick Matchmaking—How to tackle the problem?

Some of us enjoy being sidekicks.

Some of us would like to meet sidekicks in potential, see how the interaction goes, and have sidekicks.

Last time I tried posting about sidekick matchmaking here, it turned out to be very valuable for me, but not for many people (I think only two pairs of sidekick were created as a result). Now, once again I’d like to find someone who enjoys that role to help me out with many projects.

I’m looking for suggestions on how to get people together to do that. For the time being, if someone needs a sidekick or wants to be one, post about it in the comment section. I’d love to see a permanent solution for this information spreading problem.

My experience with Sidekicks

I’m not sure what Anna and Nick thought of their sidekicks, but my experience was undeniably positive. Having a sidekick was motivating, saved me great time, and, most importantly, felt like I got a surge of muscle strength specifically in the types of tasks I’m particularly inept at.

By contrast, my experience with people hired to help was mixed (virtual assistants) or negative (personal assistant).

Use the comment section to either offer or request sidekicks, explaining a little more about you and what you’d like this partnership to mean