[Question] How/​would you want to consume shortform posts?

The LessWrong team might be putting more work into the short­form con­cept in the next cou­ple weeks. I wanted to check in about what spe­cific fea­tures peo­ple might want for that.

Right now, some users set up “short­form feed” posts, which are a hacky way to give your­self a more ca­sual space for off-the-cuff writ­ing. In the past few weeks we’ve seen an uptick of peo­ple cre­at­ing feeds for them­selves.

It seemed use­ful to make this a bit more offi­cial (i.e. there’s just a “cre­ate short­form post” but­ton you can click in­stead of nav­i­gat­ing to a post and writ­ing a com­ment).

But there’s sev­eral open ques­tions about the best way to con­sume short­form con­tent. Right now most short­form com­ments ap­pear in Re­cent Dis­cus­sion and then quickly dis­ap­pear, which is very low-dis­cov­er­abil­ity.

Pos­si­ble con­sid­er­a­tions in­clude:

  • Some peo­ple like low-dis­cov­er­abil­ity. Some­times what you want is a low-visi­bil­ity place where you can write up thoughts with­out peo­ple im­me­di­ately judg­ing you for it, to help flesh out early stage ideas. For those peo­ple, the sta­tus quo is sorta fine.

  • Some peo­ple want more visi­bil­ity. I know I per­son­ally would pre­fer my short­form feed to get maybe 5x the visi­bil­ity it cur­rently gets – I care less about the visi­bil­ity and more about the vibe of “low effort ca­sual space.”

There’s a few pos­si­ble routes to more visi­bil­ity:

  • Treat­ing short­form more as a spe­cial case, where new short­form posts get dis­played at the top of re­cent dis­cus­sion, or po­ten­tially each day list­ing on the Daily/​AllPosts page. (This might in­clude en­tire com­ments, or might in­clude a quick list of which short­form feeds got up­dated re­cently)

  • More gen­er­ally im­prove the visi­bil­ity of com­ments on old posts, with short­form just be­ing one type of old post. This has the benefit of mak­ing com­ment­ing on old posts feel less like shout­ing into the void.

  • Creat­ing a spe­cial short­form feed view page, and/​or cre­ate a set­ting on Re­cent Dis­cus­sion where short­form be­comes the pri­mary thing you’re skim­ming, rather than a mix­ture of post-dis­cus­sion.

There might be en­tirely differ­ent frames or ideas I haven’t thought of.

Any­one have prefer­ences on how to con­sume short­form?

(Also rele­vant would be if you find short­form ac­tively an­noy­ing and would want to make sure it didn’t get too much in your way)

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