[Question] What are the axioms of rationality?

I’m new here (my first post), i just started to get se­ri­ous about ra­tio­nal­ity, and one of the ques­tions that im­me­di­ately came to my mind is “What are the ax­ioms of ra­tio­nal­ity?”. I looked it up a bit, and didn’t find (even on this site) a post that’ll show them (and i’m quite sure there are).

So this is in­tended as a dis­cus­sion, And I’ll make a post with the con­clu­sions af­ter­ward.

cu­ri­ous to see your re­ply’s! (as well if you have feed­back on how i asked the ques­tion)

thanks :)