[Link] Did AlphaStar just click faster?

This is a linkpost for: https://​​medium.com/​​@alek­sipietiki­nen/​​an-anal­y­sis-on-how-deep­minds-star­craft-2-ai-s-su­per­hu­man-speed-could-be-a-band-aid-fix-for-the-1702fb8344d6.

tl;dr: AlphaS­tar clicked at a rate of 1000+ Ac­tions Per Minute for five sec­ond pe­ri­ods, and a rate 1500+ APM for frac­tions of a sec­ond. The fastest hu­man player can’t sus­tain any­thing above 500 APM for more than a sec­ond or two. Did AlphaS­tar just spam click its way to vic­tory?