2019 Review Coworking Party [Wed 7pm PT]

    There’s one more week left in The Review Phase of the LW 2019 Review. After that, we start voting.

    Have you been vaguely meaning to do some reviewing but not got around to it? Are you a little intimidated with how to get started but could use a fun social event to help get going?

    I’d personally like to allocate at least one more evening towards reviewing a bunch of post. I thought it’d be nice if we got to work alongside each other, chatting on pomodoro breaks. At the beginning, I’ll help out people who could use some guidance. People who already have gotten their Review Ball rolling will be free to get started.

    At the end, we’ll have have a longer chat about how various 2019 posts fit into the broader trajectory of LessWrong’s intellectual output.

    Come by the Walled Garden’s Cabin if you’d like to join me.

    Invite Link: