Another problem with quantum measure

Let’s play around with the quan­tum mea­sure some more. Speci­fi­cally, let’s posit a the­ory T that claims that the quan­tum mea­sure of our uni­verse is in­creas­ing—say by 50% each day. Why could this be hap­pen­ing? Well, here’s a quasi-jus­tifi­ca­tion for it: imag­ine there are lots and lots of of uni­verses, most of them in chaotic ran­dom states, jump­ing around to other chaotic ran­dom states, in ac­cor­dance with the usual laws of quan­tum me­chan­ics. Oc­ca­sion­ally, one of them will par­tially tun­nel, by chance, into the same state our uni­verse is in—and then will evolve for­wards in time ex­actly as our uni­verse is. Over time, we’ll ac­cu­mu­late an ever-grow­ing mea­sure.

That the­ory sounds pretty un­likely, no mat­ter what fee­ble at­tempts are made to jus­tify it. But T is ob­ser­va­tion­ally in­dis­t­in­guish­able from our own uni­verse, and has a non-zero prob­a­bil­ity of be­ing true. It’s the re­verse of the (more likely) the­ory pre­sented here, in which the quan­tum mea­sure was be­ing con­stantly diminished. And it’s very bad news for the­o­ries that treat the quan­tum mea­sure (squared) as akin to a prob­a­bil­ity, with­out ever renor­mal­is­ing. It im­plies that one must con­tinu­ally sac­ri­fice for the long-term: any plea­sure to­day is wasted, as that plea­sure will be weighted so much more to­mor­row, next week, next year, next cen­tury… A slight fleet­ing smile on the face of the last hu­man is worth more than all the ec­stasy of the pre­vi­ous trillions.

One solu­tion to the “quan­tum mea­sure is con­tinu­ally diminish­ing” prob­lem was to note that as the mea­sure of the uni­verse diminished, it would even­tu­ally get so low that that any al­ter­na­tive, non-mea­sure diminish­ing the­ory, not mat­ter how ini­tially un­likely, would pre­dom­i­nate. But that solu­tion is not available here—in­deed, that ar­gu­ment runs in re­verse, and makes the situ­a­tion worse. No mat­ter how ini­tially un­likely the “quan­tum mea­sure is con­tinu­ally in­creas­ing” the­ory is, even­tu­ally, the mea­sure will be­come so high that it com­pletely dom­i­nates all other the­o­ries.