What’s the best way to rest?

So, it’s well-known (or, at least, oft-thought) that you can’t just work 16 hours a day; if you want to get stuff done, you need to rest from time to time. You have to take breaks.

Today, just now, I realized that I don’t really know what the best way to rest is. If I want to rest, should I do something that’s fun and interesting, like reading a fantasy novel? Should I do something that’s boring, like building roads in Minecraft, so that work will seem comparatively interesting when I get back? (And besides, reading a fantasy novel is a bit of a challenge, at least for me, whereas building roads in Minecraft is trivial.) Physical activity probably helps, but how much? Do relaxing activities, like taking a warm shower, help more than just sitting there? How can I tell when it’s time to take a break? How can I tell when it’s time to get back to work?

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