New versions of posts in “Map and Territory” and “How To Actually Change Your Mind” are up (also, new revision system)

A few weeks ago MIRI re­leased new edi­tions of the “Map and Ter­ri­tory” and “How To Ac­tu­ally Change Your Mind” books, and those changes are now fi­nally also re­flected in the posts on LessWrong.

To make that hap­pen smoothly, I’ve also im­ple­mented a re­vi­sion and ver­sion­ing sys­tem, al­low­ing you to view the past re­vi­sions of all the posts in those books, and mark­ing com­ments made against older ver­sions of the post. I did this be­cause a sig­nifi­cant frac­tion of the dis­cus­sion in the com­ments was refer­enc­ing prob­lems in the posts that are ad­dressed in the lat­est ver­sions, as well as word­ing that has been changed.

A post hav­ing past re­vi­sions is in­di­cated by a small his­tory-icon next to its date, which when clicked will al­low you to se­lect from all past ver­sions of the post af­ter it has been pub­lished. This is cur­rently only available on desk­top, the mo­bile ver­sion will fol­low soon.

We are plan­ning to make the re­vi­sion sys­tem available to ev­ery­one soon, which will al­low you to uniquely link to any ar­ti­cle in its cur­rent ver­sion, with­out hav­ing to worry that it will ever change. I hope to also make it so that you can get no­tifi­ca­tions to new ma­jor ver­sions of posts that you are sub­scribed to. This is part of a broader effort to make posts on LessWrong longer-lived and have more of a wiki-feel­ing to them, and also to make it harder to ac­ci­den­tally delete your whole post with a wrong sub­mis­sion.