Astronomy, Astrobiology, & The Fermi Paradox I: Introductions, and Space & Time

This is the first in a series of posts I am putting together on a personal blog I just started two days ago as a collection of my musings on astrobiology (“The Great A’Tuin”—sorry, I couldn’t help it), and will be reposting here. Much has been written here about the Fermi paradox and the ‘great filter’. It seems to me that going back to a somewhat more basic level of astronomy and astrobiology is extremely informative to these questions, and so this is what I will be doing. The bloggery is intended for a slightly more general audience than this site (hence much of the content of the introduction) but I think it will be of interest. Many of the points I will be making are ones I have touched on in previous comments here, but hope to explore in more detail.

This post references my first two posts—an introduction, and a discussion of our apparent position in space and time in the universe. The blog posts may be found at: