[link] Reality Show ‘Utopia’

The TV se­ries ‘Utopia’ just started.

“The se­ries fol­lows a cast of 15 men and women who are placed in iso­la­tion and filmed twenty-four hours a day for one year. The cast must cre­ate their own so­ciety and figure out how to sur­vive. The se­ries will be shown twice a week, but there will be on­line stream­ing 247 with 129 hid­den and un­hid­den cam­eras all over the Utopia com­pound. The live streams will be­gin on Au­gust 29, the day when the 15 pi­o­neers will en­ter Utopia. Over 5,000 peo­ple au­di­tioned for the se­ries. Every month three pi­o­neers will be nom­i­nated and could be sent back to their ev­ery­day lives. The live stream­ers will de­cide which new pi­o­neers get their chance to be­come Utopian.” (source: http://​​en.wikipe­dia.org/​​wiki/​​Utopia_(U.S._re­al­ity_TV_se­ries))

Since ev­ery month new ‘pi­o­neers’ will be in­tro­duced, you can still au­di­tion for the se­ries; here’s how: http://​​www.utopi­atv­cast­ing.com/​​how-to-au­di­tion. I would love to see a well-trained ra­tio­nal­ist teach­ing “the world” some ap­plied ra­tio­nal­ity prin­ci­ples, and I think this TV show would be an ex­cel­lent medium to reach the “av­er­age per­son”. It would also be nice to see some­one ex­plain­ing what Utopia means to a tran­shu­man­ist. Let us know if you ap­ply.