Help me refactor my life

So I got stuck in a de­pres­sive rut once again and I’m mak­ing a fresh start. Give me ad­vice!

I’ll move. My plan is to find a cheap place some­where in France, but any­where in the EU’s good. Hav­ing like-minded room­mates would be a plus. Any­one wish to bask in my glo­ri­ous pres­ence? I’m a very ac­com­mo­dat­ing room­mate (I’ve com­plained about ex­actly one thing in two years of room­ing with var­i­ous peo­ple, and never re­fused a re­quest), re­spond well to nag­ging, tend to keep to my­self un­less prompted, don’t have many ir­ri­tat­ing habits I can think of (maybe I use too much dish soap?), and am gen­er­ally good with kids. And if you’re a men­tally odd per­son who could use a bit of live-in help, boy are you in luck!

I’ll poke around at jobs un­til I find one I can re­li­ably han­dle. That means not hav­ing to fo­cus too much and no heavy re­spon­si­bil­ities. Work­ing from home is best—pro­gram­ming or web dev or trans­la­tion or edit­ing. For meatspace jobs, maybe tu­tor­ing. Any­one have a bright idea? Any­one want me to nor­mal­ise the tags in their mu­sic col­lec­tion for a pit­tance?

I’ll try to de­velop bet­ter men­tal hy­giene. That in­cludes hound­ing psy­chi­a­trists, main­tain­ing my net­work of friends (so­cial life is the one thing I’m re­ally suc­cess­ful at these days), cul­ti­vat­ing new hob­bies, and tin­ker­ing with use­ful habits. Any­one have deep wis­dom, or an old lock­pick­ing kit to send me?

I’ll make some long-term plans. Tak­ing up my stud­ies again and go­ing for that cool en­g­ineer­ing ca­reer is the ob­vi­ous choice, but it might not be a rea­son­able goal by then. Any­one want to re­cruit me for seast­eading or some­thing?

I have enough sav­ings to last me for a while and my par­ents haven’t cut me off yet, so I can af­ford a few failures be­fore my life’s in or­der again. Other than that I can’t pre­dict very much about how de­pend­able my meds, any of my friends, my shiny new boyfriend, or my own brain are.