Tool for combating undue hesitation

I sometimes feel negative emotions at the thought that the course of action that I am taking isn’t even close to the optimal course of action—that a more effective mind could sort through whatever situation I’m currently having difficulty with and craft a plan that was much more likely to succeed than any of my own. In short, I feel inept in comparison to the better minds in the space-of-all-possible-minds, and so I experience undue hesitation while I’m trying to figure out the correct action to take. Of course, good planning often leads to better results, but this behavioral pattern has a significantly negative effect in situations (especially social ones) where I need to make a decision quickly.

I’ve found that it helps me think more rapidly and clearly if I think in terms of which of the possible actions that I’ve thought of will produce the greatest positive difference in net expected utility in comparison to doing nothing. Once I come up with a course of action, I no longer feel a sense of paralysis at how inept my decision-making skills must be compared to much better minds than my own, which saves a certain amount of mental processing power and emotional effort which can then be used for other things. Doing this also helps to prevent panic and the like from springing up because I’m not thinking in terms of whether I can succeed or not, but sorting through which actions maximize my chances of succeeding out of the set of actions that I’ve currently thought up.

I feel like I’ve written less than I think that I’ve written—that people may not get much out of this post because they haven’t actually shared my brain with me, and I’ve done an inadequate job of deconstructing my thoughts when I’ve put them to paper. If this is correct, please tell me and I can try to elaborate.