Accelerating the capitalistic tendencies of social systems to do good

I’ve been think­ing a lot about ex­ploit­ing the cap­i­tal­is­tic ten­den­cies of most so­cial sys­tems to solve difficult so­cial is­sues on a the­o­ret­i­cal level. (not very well, un­for­tu­nately).

I think most ideas usu­ally pre­scribe more/​less/​same amount of some­thing and that in­stead of fight­ing the cap­i­tal­is­tic ten­dency to pro­duce more and more by call­ing for less and less, we should push for more and more, col­lapse the ex­ist­ing sys­tem (and fu­ture sys­tems like it) and in­stead force a bet­ter, more equitable sys­tem to form. How to push with­out plain caus­ing harm/​de­stroy­ing the en­tire sys­tem/​in a re­al­is­tic man­ner is the difficult bits.

In ed­u­ca­tion, you could push for more tu­ition/​drugs un­til the fil­ter­ing grad­ing mechanism fails and you have to build a more prag­matic vo­ca­tional system

In char­i­ties, you could push for more cor­rupt char­i­ties or de­vise ways to se­cretly laun­der money while still ap­pear­ing gen­er­ous (hell, it’s prob­a­bly already in­vented)

In microfi­nance, you could push for harsher and more ex­ploita­tive yet just so le­gal con­tracts with about to die kids to cre­ate a com­pet­i­tive free mar­ket of loans for poor peo­ple? (think Ven­ture Cap­i­tal but for poor peo­ple)

Hope­fully, some­body has already thought about this and can point me to some re­sources re­gard­ing this idea. Or some­body can just re­fute this “su­ci­dal” idea by offer­ing crit­i­cism.