Anki on Android in 60 seconds

Spaced repetition is one of the most efficient ways to learn new things. (For research citations, see ‘Study methods’, here.)

The best way to practice spaced repetition is to install Anki to your phone, since you have your phone with you all day long.

I have an Android phone, so here’s my 60-second guide to getting started with Anki on Android:

  1. On your Android phone, open ‘Market.’

  2. Search for ‘Anki’.

  3. Install the ‘AnkiDroid Flashcards’ app.

  4. In your app drawer, run ‘AnkiDroid’.

  5. It will prompt that you don’t have any decks downloaded. Tap ‘Download deck’ and choose ‘Shared decks.’

  6. It will take a while to bring up the list of decks available online. Search for ‘Less Wrong’ and you’ll see the deck called ‘Less Wrong Sequences.’ Download it.

  7. Go back to the AnkiDroid main screen, choose ‘Load other deck.’ Choose ‘Less Wrong Sequences.’

  8. Set your options for ‘New cards per day’, ‘session limit (minutes)‘, and ‘session limit (questions)‘, then tap ‘Start Reviewing.’

That’s it!
(This full process will take longer than 60 seconds because of download speed, but will probably require only 60 seconds of interaction with the phone.)