Darwin Day: Good Evolution Games?

Darwin’s birthay is on February 12th, which is a Sunday. I’d kinda like to do something fun to celebrate.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any good games that feature natural selection? Video games would work if necessary (to run through a lot of iterations quickly), but I’d prefer something closer to a board game, that has a party feel.

What’s coming to mind is an activity from 10th grade biology: you get a bunch of skittles, and place them on a yellow background, and then you go through iterations of “eat the first skittle you see as fast as possible”, and then for each remaining skittle, add two more skittles of the same color. Within a few generations they’re all yellow because those were harder to see.

That framework is nice, but doesn’t really produce an interesting result. I’m trying to think of something that, over the course of an afternoon, without computer simulation, produce some interesting emergent phenomena.

Anyone have thoughts? Does anything like this already exist?