[Link] An argument on colds


It’s ille­gal to work around food when show­ing symp­toms of con­ta­gious dis­eases. Why not the same for ev­ery­one else? Each per­son who gets a cold in­fects one other per­son on av­er­age. We could prob­a­bly cut in­fec­tion rates and the fre­quency of colds in half if sick peo­ple didn’t come in to work.

And if we want bet­ter biose­cu­rity, why not also re­quire peo­ple to be able to resched­ule flights if a doc­tor cer­tifies they have a con­ta­gious dis­ease?

Due to the ‘ex­ter­nal­ities’, the case seems very com­pel­ling.

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