[Question] How can we estimate how many people are C19 infected in an area?

My fa­vorite dash­board is Our World in Data: it has time se­ries and maps and lets me choose which coun­tries to graph. But it’s only show­ing con­firmed cases, and doesn’t show any unit smaller than a coun­try. Plus on the day I’m writ­ing this, the US was miss­ing yes­ter­day’s day. Plague Plus is try­ing to do true prevalence es­ti­mates, but I don’t like their method­ol­ogy, in part be­cause it’s the same for ev­ery coun­try.

Can I do bet­ter than this? Is some­thing out there that shows city level data, with time se­ries? If I must use con­firmed cases, how can I trans­late those num­bers into true prevalence es­ti­mates, given re­gion-spe­cific con­di­tions?

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