Positive-affect-day-Schelling-point-mas Meetup

There will be a LessWrong Meetup on the Fri­day De­cem­ber 25th (day af­ter to­mor­row.) We’re meet­ing at 6:00 PM at Pan Tao Res­tau­rant at 1686 South Wolfe Road, Sun­ny­vale, CA the SIAI House in Santa Clara, CA for pizza or what­ever else we can figure out how to cook. Con­sider it an available re­fuge if you haven’t other plans.

Please com­ment if you plan to show up!

(Edit—See poll be­low on whether we’d rather stay in and eat some­thing sim­ple vs. go­ing out to a restau­rant—it’s pos­si­ble that ev­ery­one was as­sum­ing ev­ery­one else would pre­fer the lat­ter while ac­tu­ally prefer­ring the former them­selves. - EY)