[Question] How was your decade?

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Hi everybody,

With the New Year coming up and next year being 2020, I think it’s worth reflecting on the last 10 years. As you probably remember the last Sequences post came out towards the end of the decade. How have things gone for you since then? If you’re willing to share, here’s some things to consider. You can answer as much or as little of this as you want, don’t let it scare you off from posting:

(EDIT: This prompt seems to reliably cause people to write stuff that’s uncomfortable to post as a comment. If you find this happens to you, go ahead and just excerpt a part which is comfortable to post as a comment and post that instead.)

Before & After

How were things for you at the start and end of the decade? Some categories to ponder:

  • Philosophy

  • Skills

  • Career

  • Lifestyle


How did things change over time? What was your progression through the 2010′s?

  • What made you say “oops” and “duh”? What did you update on?

  • How have your preferences changed over time? (e.g. Music, Food)

  • Did you break any promises? Did you keep some difficult ones?

  • Do you have any new habits? Did you break some?


How did you experience the last 10 years? What proportion of the time was spent on good experiences vs. bad? Any notable highlights?

Worth Noting

  • When did you first read The Sequences, if ever?

  • Are you overall satisfied or dissatisfied with how the decade went?

  • Is there any advice you’d give to your past self? How do you think they’d react to it? (Just so we don’t have to read it 30 times, yes, you would buy bitcoin)

  • What do you think the zeitgeist of this decade was? What aspects and events do you think you’ll remember the 2010′s for? What do you think society at large will remember the 2010′s for?

And of course if there’s anything else you’d like to share, feel free. :)