[Question] What math do i need for data analysis?

I always had fairly good math­e­mat­i­cal think­ing (I think) and loved learn­ing about beau­tiful con­cepts in math—but i didn’t learn much at all in school (cause i had the choice). You can say i was “util­i­tar­ian” re­gard­ing learn­ing math, i didn’t do it if i didn’t see how it can en­rich my life.

so my knowl­edge of math is quite di­s­or­ga­nized, i know more about Bayes the­o­rem then many much sim­pler con­cepts (i know, it re­ally shouldn’t be that way).

Now i want to be able to an­a­lyze data, but i don’t want to learn math that i won’t use for it, if pos­si­ble.

So here’s my ques­tion—what ba­sic stuff do i need to learn in or­der to be able to calcu­late prob­a­bil­ities, statis­tics, do Bayesian math, and over­all do things within data anal­y­sis that I may yet be aware of?

If you also have sug­ges­tions for how to learn those things, af­ter i learn the ba­sics, it will be much ap­pre­ci­ated.

thank you :)

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