Mark Zuckerberg plans to give away 99% of his facebook wealth over his lifetime

Mark Zucker­berg an­nouced that he is go­ing to give away 99% of his face­book wealth ($45 billion) over his life­time.

He an­nounced guid­ing ques­tions:

Can you learn and ex­pe­rience 100 times more than we do to­day?
Can our gen­er­a­tion cure dis­ease so you live much longer and healthier lives?
Can we con­nect the world so you have ac­cess to ev­ery idea, per­son and op­por­tu­nity?
Can we har­ness more clean en­ergy so you can in­vent things we can’t con­ceive of to­day while pro­tect­ing the en­vi­ron­ment?
Can we cul­ti­vate en­trepreneur­ship so you can build any busi­ness and solve any challenge to grow peace and pros­per­ity?
Can our gen­er­a­tion elimi­nate poverty and hunger?
Can we provide ev­ery­one with ba­sic health­care?
Can we build in­clu­sive and wel­com­ing com­mu­ni­ties?
Can we nur­ture peace­ful and un­der­stand­ing re­la­tion­ships be­tween peo­ple of all na­tions?
Can we truly em­power ev­ery­one—women, chil­dren, un­der­rep­re­sented minori­ties, im­mi­grants and the un­con­nected?

It’s in­ter­est­ing that “live much longer and healthier lives” is on the list. Larry Page seems to di­vert money in­side Google into Cal­ico for anti-ag­ing tech. Un­der Cook Ap­ple also in­vests into health.

The fu­ture seems look­ing good :)