[Question] Is anyone else frustrated with ‘un-informative’ post titles?

The latest post that finally impelled me to ask this question:

This isn’t specific to that post and, having noticed that it is a cross-post, I can appreciate that this is (at least somewhat) tricky to improve, but a lot of the titles of posts are very un-informative. Even qualifying that the above post is specific to AI or AI alignment still doesn’t seem like a significant improvement, or an improvement that’s ‘good enough’.

I notice that I often completely ignore posts with sufficiently vague titles. Upon (very shallow) introspection, I feel like the titles are pretty literally clickbait, i.e. ‘click me to discover what this is about’. That seems like behavior that warrants ‘punishing’ (to some degree anyways).

One potential solution (mitigation) would be to include (one of) the tags in the post title, or maybe at least in the RSS feed for posts, à la Stack Overflow, e.g.:

In the above, the ‘actual’ title of the question is just “navigator.clipboard is undefined” and it seems like the ‘first’ tag is automatically included in the page title.