My Hello World


Staring at a blinking cursor on a draft post does elicit quite the runaway stream of thoughts about what on earth I’ll write about, how I would go about writing whatever that might be, all while concurrently reflecting on the impressions my writing style, content, and signals might make on any passerby.

Oh well, guess I’ll write anyways. I’ve spent too many gorram years lurking, reading, absorbing, etc. and not actively developing my writing faculties or discussing interesting things with people who are of shorter inferential distance to me that most. This seems like a problem that’s easily solved by simply starting to write, not allowing for my efforts to be vanquished by my personal perfectionist daemon, and doing what is good enough for the, writing and participating in discussions dramatically increase the rate and quality of my intellectual development, so, yay!

I don’t think it’s possible to convey how absolutely weird it is to me to see words published with a moniker I use attached to them. Not sure if that will ever stop being weird, because isn’t it ridiculous? This whole writing thing as a “crystallization” of one’s present state of being and cognition into a less ephemeral medium is certainly a great boon to trying to have human civilization, since it allows for “permanent” records of ideas, culture, blah blah, etc. you get the point...but as a social animal it does feel rather scary to “put oneself out there” for the world to see and judge. What else am I supposed to do though? Not do that? Pah. I need to do that for a variety of reasons, including Tsuyoku Naritai. So I shall.

Next time: I’m not entirely sure what I’ll talk about, but lately I have been focusing on “how to ask good questions”, so maybe it will be about that subject.

Take care of yourself, valete