Changing main content font to Valkyrie?

(Prob­a­bly not in­ter­est­ing to 90% of peo­ple, but would love to get in­put from our lo­cal ty­pog­ra­phy nerds)

We’ve been us­ing Warnock Pro as our de­fault font for body-text and con­tent-re­lated el­e­ments for a while, and I’ve been quite happy with it on my Mac, but on Linux on Win­dows ma­chines the font ren­ders as a bit spindly and thin, and can be hard to read at some smaller font-sizes.

Given that we’ve been re­fac­tor­ing a bunch of our Ty­pog­ra­phy any­ways, it seems like the best time to maybe switch to a new font. In most ty­pog­ra­phy-mat­ters I tend to defer to But­t­er­ick’s Prac­ti­cal Ty­pog­ra­phy who has a good set of recom­men­da­tions for fonts similar to Warnock, and my fa­vorite one I’ve found so far is But­t­er­ick’s one cre­ation Valkyrie. So chang­ing to that seems like a thing we might do in the next few weeks.

Stylis­ti­cally, my fa­vorite font con­tinues to be ETBook, but that one sadly has a va­ri­ety of ren­der­ing is­sues that make it im­pos­si­ble to use on Less­wrong. Valkyrie is about as good as Warnock in that re­spect, but ren­ders much bet­ter on Win­dows and Linux ma­chines in that re­spect, but I would love to hear recom­men­da­tions for other fonts if peo­ple have any good ones (com­mer­cial fonts are fine, as long as they don’t come with weird “amount of user” limits).