Rationality and Spirituality—Summary and Open Thread

I’ve noticed that there has recently been a lot of interest in spirituality, ritual and meaning within the rationality community. I could highlight the discussions of Jordan Peterson (SSC, SSC Follow Up, Put A Num On It), Valentine’s recent posts (Fake Frameworks, Kensho, The Intelligent Social Web, Mythic Mode, Kaj Sotala’s Response), discussions on Meditation (Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha, Gupta on Enlightenment, Five Years After Starting Mindfulness Meditation) and a few others (Funeral Ritual, Open-Source Monasticism). I thought I would encourage this trend making this post as this seems like an interesting direction for exploration and I suspect more progress occurs when multiple people develop an interest in a topic at the same time than when they all explore individual directions.

This is an open thread, so you can post whatever you want about this topic, but here’s a few possible discussion directions:

  • Have you made any attempt to explore any kind of spirituality in the broadest sense? If so, what have you learned?

  • In the past, attempts to engage with post-rationality didn’t seem to be particularly successful. Perhaps now is a better time?

  • What are the core rationality posts or resources on this topic? What are some resources from outside the rationality community that we may find helpful?

(I’m too lazy, but the links above could form the basis of a Wiki post)