[Link] Throwback Thursday: Are asteroids dangerous?

Throw­back Thurs­day: Are as­ter­oids dan­ger­ous? by Start­sWithABang:

When it comes to risk as­sess­ment, there’s one type that hu­mans are no­to­ri­ously bad at: the very low-fre­quency but high-con­se­quence risks and re­wards. It’s why so many of us are so ea­ger to play the lot­tery, and si­mul­ta­neously why we’re catas­troph­i­cally afraid of ebola and plane crashes, when we’re far more likely to die from some­thing mun­dane, like get­ting hit by a truck. One of the ex­am­ples where sci­ence and this type of fear-based fal­lacy in­ter­sect is the sci­ence of as­ter­oid strikes. With all we know about as­ter­oids to­day, here’s the ac­tual risk to hu­man­ity, and it’s much lower than any­one cares to ad­mit. -- sum­mary from slash­dot.