Atheists who believe that God exists

The 2012 LessWrong Cen­sur had a ques­tion about be­lief in God. It also had a ques­tion about how peo­ple self la­bel their re­li­gious be­liefs. In­ter­est­ingly 6.69% of the non­spir­at­ual athe­ists be­lieve that it’s more likely that a God ex­ists than that no God ex­ists. On the other side of the spec­trum 17% of the com­mit­ted the­ists be­lieve that the chance that God ex­ists is only 2%. Those 2% are the me­dian for non­spir­tual athe­ists who be­lief in God.

Not a sin­gle per­son who took the LessWrong cen­sus be­lieves that the chance that God ex­ists is less than 1%. Given that this com­mu­nity has quite a lot of con­tri­ans and quite a lot of skep­tics I would have guessed that there are peo­ple who be­lieve that the chance that a God ex­ists is less.

The orginal ques­tion on the sur­vey was:

The num­bers make also a nice plot:

PGod for atheists and theists

There’s also the ques­tion:

PReligion of atheists and theists

Given those re­sults what do you think if some­one tells you that they are athe­ist or a the­ist?