A Viable Alternative to Typing

I’m think­ing about writ­ing a more sub­stan­tive post about how hu­mans work and how we can work bet­ter, a lit­tle like this one. As is com­mon with these sorts of things, once I started to do re­search and pull on var­i­ous threads, it turned out that the field was pretty deep and would re­quire time to un­der­stand. But in the mean­time, I just thought I would link to this video of some­one pro­gram­ming us­ing only their voice.

As I suffer with symp­toms of carpal tun­nel syn­drome, this is of par­tic­u­lar in­ter­est to me. Once I watched it I de­cided to start look­ing at differ­ent voice recog­ni­tion soft­ware so that I could still get some work done while typ­ing less. I’m happy to say that even the de­fault soft­ware for speech recog­ni­tion which came with win­dows is ac­tu­ally very able and ac­cu­rate. I dic­tated al­most this en­tire post us­ing that soft­ware.

As far as I can tell, Dragon Nat­u­rally Speak­ing is the gold stan­dard in voice recog­ni­tion soft­ware. It does come with a pretty hefty price tag, but it may be worth it if you have se­ri­ous repet­i­tive stress in­juries, or as a pre­ven­ta­tive mea­sure if you’re some­one who spends a lot of time at their com­puter. And if that doesn’t work, chances are good your com­puter has ad­e­quate soft­ware pre-in­stalled.