MIRI’s technical agenda: an annotated bibliography, and other updates

This week, I’m pleased to present Aligning Superintelligence with Human Interests: An Annotated Bibliography. This annotated bibliography complements our technical agenda and the six supporting papers that I’ve released over the past few months. Once you’ve read the supporting papers, this annotated bibliography will help you figure out what to read next on any given topic, in order to get to the cutting edge.

This annotated bibliography concludes my series of updates on MIRI’s technical agenda. To review, I’ve presented a series of eight papers which sketch out MIRI’s research strategy and overview a number of active research areas. Those papers are:

The entire suite can be found in one place on our new technical agenda page. You’re encouraged to link people to that page if they’re wondering what sort of technical research MIRI is up to.
I’ve also updated the research guide to synchronize it with the technical agenda. The new annotated bibliography serves a similar purpose to the research guide, but where the research guide is geared more towards people starting from scratch, the annotated bibliography is geared towards people who already have the background knowledge and want to know which papers to read in which order without any fluff.