Frivolous speculation about the long-term effects of coronavirus

This is just for fun as a di­ver­sion from more se­ri­ous news and think­ing. I would be in­ter­ested in hear­ing what peo­ple on LessWrong have to say about cul­tural /​ eco­nomic changes. Let’s as­sume we (well, the sur­vivors) get through this but it takes long enough to re­sult in cul­tural changes, and ex­trap­o­late in a sci­ence fic­tion sort of way. What would be some changes that per­sist af­ter it’s over? I think there could be lots of in­ter­est­ing side effects.

A triv­ial one might be that mask us­age be­comes more pop­u­lar out­side Asia. I’m a bit sur­prised peo­ple aren’t mak­ing their own masks already. Mask fash­ion? (Up­date: this hap­pened.) Veils? More use of gloves?

In­creased com­fort and skill with video chat. More work­ing from home, more on­line ed­u­ca­tion, video doc­tor’s ap­point­ments be­come rou­tine. (Of course this was already well un­der way.) Even more e-sports. More tiny desk con­certs?

A re­sur­gence of car cul­ture? There’s noth­ing like a car for en­forc­ing so­cial dis­tance even in traf­fic. More drive-ins at restau­rants, and also more com­fort and use of curb­side pickup. Con­tactless pay­ment be­comes rou­tine. Maybe peo­ple will want their own driver­less cars just for san­i­tary rea­sons? One down­side: maybe less use of pub­lic trans­porta­tion be­cause crowds are scary, al­though get­ting into mask fash­ion might be more prac­ti­cal.

More de­liv­ery of course.

Prob­a­bly less em­pha­sis on re­cy­cling and more on safety and clean­li­ness, and safe dis­posal.

Prep­ping could go main­stream. Hope­fully we won’t be too silly about it. In ur­ban ar­eas, maybe you’d buy an op­tion on a dis­aster kit so you don’t need to store it lo­cally or worry about re­fresh­ing it. Also, track­ing the lo­ca­tion of sup­plies you have an op­tion on, so you know they are ac­tu­ally there and can be de­liv­ered in a day.

Out­door and home ex­er­cise be­come more pop­u­lar.

In­creased use of cop­per in ar­chi­tec­ture for but­tons, door­knobs, railings, etc? At least in richer ar­eas. Cop­per key­caps? Cop­per mice? Though, when placed next to elec­tron­ics, you’d want to make sure it’s well-grounded.

Vote by mail ev­ery­where.

Any other ideas?