Two angles on Repetitive Strain Injury

Dis­cus­sion of buck­ling-spring key­boards, which give ac­cu­rate tac­tile feed­back. You can get them for about $70, and a lot of peo­ple swear by them.

Here’s my RSI story: Some years ago, I was get­ting a lot of pain in my right elbow, pre­sum­ably as + re­sult of ex­ces­sive Block­out (3D tetris), counted crosstitch, and be­ing po­lite for no good rea­son to some­one I was very an­gry at when I was un­der stress. Rest was not helping. I re­mem­ber need­ing to sign a bunch of checks, and us­ing my right hand for the sig­na­tures and my left for the ac­count num­bers, and it was still hard on my elbow.

The Way of En­ergy is an ex­cel­lent in­tro­duc­tion to Taoist stand­ing med­i­ta­tion. I worked up to be­ing able to do twenty min­utes of just plain stand­ing and twenty min­utes of hold­ing a bal­loon (arms cir­cled at a lit­tle be­low shoulder level) a day. After mere weeks, my elbow prob­lem went away and never came back. Sub­jec­tively, I hit a point in med­i­ta­tion where it be­came ob­vi­ous to me that I was us­ing more effort to stand than I needed to, and I could just let go of the ex­cess ten­sion.