Teaching Methodologies & Techniques

This is my first post so I’m not too sure of whether I am posting this in the appropriate format, or whether this post is appropriate or not—please let me know if it’s not.

I am a first year university student who is intending to become a high school teacher after I finish my undergraduate studies. I am wondering if there are many other school teachers in this community and what particular methodologies you implement. I am seeking out discussions on teaching methodologies that people use, why they use them, and what is successful about them. In the lead-up to my career as a teacher, as of a month or so ago, I have begun compiling a document of methodologies and techniques I intend to use to maximise my effectiveness of a teacher.

A particular thing I would love to discuss is philosophies on teaching science. I strongly believe that it is *very* important for me to include a component on rationality in the curriculum, because too often students are taught “science” without first being taught how to think about science.