[Question] Is it good practice to write questions/​comments on old posts you’re trying to understand?

I’ve re­cently started work­ing through AI safety posts writ­ten on LessWrong 1-3 years ago; in do­ing so I oc­ca­sion­ally have ques­tions/​com­ments about the ma­te­rial. Is it con­sid­ered good prac­tice/​in line with LW norms to write these as com­ments on the origi­nal, old posts? One hand I can see why “necro-ing” old posts would be frowned on, but I’m not sure where else to bring it up. You can look at my com­ment his­tory for ex­am­ples of what I mean (be­fore I re­al­ized it might not be a good idea)

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