Does rationalism affect your dreams?

Given how much you have learned of the tech­niques of ra­tio­nal­ity, of Bayesian up­dates and stan­dard of ev­i­dence, of cu­ri­os­ity be­ing the first virtue and be­ing will­ing to up­date your be­liefs… have any of your dreams been af­fected by them?

The rea­son I ask; I’m read­ing the en­tirely of the Se­quences, and am about an eighth of the way through. And I’ve just wo­ken from a dream whose plot was some­what un­usual. I had no­ticed some mildly strange an­i­mals and/​or peo­ple, and upon try­ing to find out what was go­ing on, dis­cov­ered a small river­side camp of peo­ple who fell well out­side what I un­der­stood to be the realm of hu­man vari­a­tion. The per­son I had started in­ves­ti­gat­ing with then claimed to be a god, or if I preferred, a vastly pow­er­ful and in­tel­li­gent alien en­tity, and offered to do some­thing to prove it to me. I re­mem­bered that I had once es­tab­lished for my­self a stan­dard of ev­i­dence for ex­actly this sort of ques­tion—the growth of a new, perfectly func­tional limb, in a way out­side of pre­sent med­i­cal un­der­stand­ing… and in a few mo­ments, my dream-self was the pos­sesser of a nice, long tail. I had not been ex­pect­ing that to hap­pen, and no­ticed I was ex­tremely con­fused, and de­liber­ately raised my es­ti­mate of the prob­a­bil­ity that I re­ally was talk­ing to a god-like figure by some num­ber of decibans. At the end of the dream, said de­ity-figure said that he would offer to split us off from his ‘main pro­ject’, on a few con­di­tions—one of which was ‘no more clues’, since he had given us ‘more than enough to figure out what’s go­ing on’… … where­upon I ques­tioned a few things, and im­me­di­ately woke up.

I don’t re­call hav­ing a dream of any­thing like that sort be­fore—and I dream in un­der­stand­able nar­ra­tive plots so of­ten that I some­times dream se­quels. So I’m cu­ri­ous; is this a nor­mal sort of thing that hap­pens to LessWron­gians?