How much do we know about creativity?

A lot of Less Wrong frames becoming more rational in terms of correcting biases. When Scott Alexander is asked how he does it, he doesn’t seem to actually have an answer—if I recall correctly, he’s just said that all he’s got in his life is his job, his girlfriend, and his blog, which doesn’t begin to explain his remarkable flow of interesting posts.

It’s a good thing to have fewer and weaker biases, but it’s better if de-biasing can be applied to new ideas which have a good chance of paying off.

Is there LW material about creativity that I’m not remembering? Any recommendations for information about creativity elsewhere? I’m especially interested in material which you’ve seen help you or other people become more creative, as distinct from material which has been plausible and/​or fun to read.

Edited to add: While I think this is a generally applicable topic, I also have a local interest. I’m fond of LW, but it seems to be in a doldrums, and at least part of the cause is a lack of interesting new material.