How much do we know about creativity?

A lot of Less Wrong frames be­com­ing more ra­tio­nal in terms of cor­rect­ing bi­ases. When Scott Alexan­der is asked how he does it, he doesn’t seem to ac­tu­ally have an an­swer—if I re­call cor­rectly, he’s just said that all he’s got in his life is his job, his girlfriend, and his blog, which doesn’t be­gin to ex­plain his re­mark­able flow of in­ter­est­ing posts.

It’s a good thing to have fewer and weaker bi­ases, but it’s bet­ter if de-bi­as­ing can be ap­plied to new ideas which have a good chance of pay­ing off.

Is there LW ma­te­rial about cre­ativity that I’m not re­mem­ber­ing? Any recom­men­da­tions for in­for­ma­tion about cre­ativity el­se­where? I’m es­pe­cially in­ter­ested in ma­te­rial which you’ve seen help you or other peo­ple be­come more cre­ative, as dis­tinct from ma­te­rial which has been plau­si­ble and/​or fun to read.

Edited to add: While I think this is a gen­er­ally ap­pli­ca­ble topic, I also have a lo­cal in­ter­est. I’m fond of LW, but it seems to be in a doldrums, and at least part of the cause is a lack of in­ter­est­ing new ma­te­rial.