Request for advice: high school transferring

UPDATE 3/​16/​16: I de­cided to go to pub­lic school, be­cause I was tired of all the lit­tle an­noy­ing stuff at my cur­rent school—es­pe­cially the en­ti­tled kids and the en­ti­tled at­ti­tude in gen­eral. Every­body acts like they de­serve some­thing. It’s very ir­ri­tat­ing.

The other rea­son I came to that de­ci­sion was “ex­plo­ra­tion value”. By mov­ing to a new situ­a­tion I learn whether I re­ally am bet­ter off in the kind of en­vi­ron­ment offered by the pub­lic high school; even if it ends up be­ing worse for me, at least I know what to avoid. If it’s good, I know it’s good; and if it makes no differ­ence, I know that, too.

EDIT: Just to clar­ify, I at­tended pub­lic mid­dle school with the same group of kids, so I won’t have to worry too much about get­ting to know new peo­ple. I am still in oc­ca­sional con­tact with my old friends. I talked to one of them for sev­eral hours just yes­ter­day.

(I’m new here, though I’ve lurked, so if I break any rules or oth­er­wise do some­thing detri­men­tal, please let me know and I will try to cor­rect my mis­take)

I cur­rently go to a rather nice in­de­pen­dent high school. I’m on sig­nifi­cant fi­nan­cial aid, so I can af­ford it. The aca­demics there are out­stand­ing. How­ever, be­ing a board­ing school (I go as a day stu­dent) it re­quests a lot of our free time. We are re­quired to par­ti­ci­pate in adult-sanc­tioned ac­tivi­ties at least six or seven hours a week, in ad­di­tion to nor­mal classes. This means that 1. I get home from school around 6pm and 2. (more im­por­tantly) it’s very hard to so­cial­ize when you don’t board at the school, and there’s re­ally very lit­tle be­sides drama or sports (nei­ther of which I like very much) that peo­ple do af­ter school and ac­tu­ally en­joy/​make friends in.

I’m strongly con­sid­er­ing trans­fer­ring to my pub­lic school, which is un­usu­ally good for a pub­lic school, as a ju­nior next year. The aca­demics are not as great (classes are less dis­cus­sion-based and there are not as many APs offered) but there is a strong amount of par­ti­ci­pa­tion in stuff I might ac­tu­ally en­joy af­ter school (math team, etc.) be­cause we’re not re­quired to do any­thing af­ter school. I’ve no­ticed that when peo­ple tell me I have to do things, I en­joy them much, much less. Also, I won’t have a com­mute, which would be nice.

Every­thing else about the schools is more or less com­pa­rable.

I’m sure when I think about this de­ci­sion I am bi­ased in some way. I’m prob­a­bly suc­cumb­ing to the sunk cost fal­lacy (some­times I think if I’d been at the pub­lic school the last two years, I’d rather be at the pri­vate school) or some­thing like that. If not, I’m fac­ing the prob­lem of Buri­dan’s Ass.

My ques­tion to you: should I trans­fer or not? I have thought very hard and con­sulted sev­eral in­tel­li­gent peo­ple, and have not been able to come to any sort of con­clu­sion.