Eat the cute animals instead

Note: I was trying to criticize the hypocrisy of people who treat farm animals in ways they would never treat pets. It seems people missed this.

Here’s a 150% serious explanation of why eating cats and dogs is a great idea! A lot of people reading this have no problem eating cows and chickens, but for some odd reason become squeamish when the meat is cute. It’s time to put aside your inhibitions and start going to animal shelters instead of grocery stores. Here’s why:

Better for the environment

Growing crops, then feeding them to livestock, uses a lot of land and water. Cats and dogs, however, are so common that animal shelters are overwhelmed. In fact, they are invasive species which are destroying the ecosystem. Capturing and eating cats and dogs would help the environment, while raising cows and chickens only hurt it.

Resists factory farming

Factory raised animals are in horrible conditions.

Meanwhile, there is no comparable factory farming operation for cats and dogs, so you don’t need to worry about supporting this (if you don’t pay extra for “purebred” status).

Fewer animals get eaten

Cats and dogs are obligate carnivores, meaning that they need to eat meat to live. Leaving a cat or dog alive means that many other animals get eaten. If you think predation is wrong, why aren’t you reducing it?

They’re delicious

They even consider themselves delicious!

Why haven’t you started already? If you would eat cows and chickens but not cats and dogs, what would it take to change your mind?