I’m the new moderator

Viliam Bur made the an­nounce­ment in Main, but not ev­ery­one checks main, so I’m re­peat­ing it here.

Dur­ing the fol­low­ing months my time and at­ten­tion will be heav­ily oc­cu­pied by some per­sonal stuff, so I will be un­able to func­tion as a LW mod­er­a­tor. The new LW mod­er­a­tor is… Nan­cyLe­bovitz!

From to­day, please di­rect all your com­plaints and in­ves­ti­ga­tion re­quests to Nancy. Please not ev­ery­one dur­ing the first week. That can be a bit fright­en­ing for a new mod­er­a­tor.

There are a few old re­quests I haven’t com­pleted yet. I will try to close ev­ery­thing dur­ing the fol­low­ing days, but if I don’t do it till the end of Jan­uary, then I will for­ward the un­finished cases to Nancy, too.

Long live the new mod­er­a­tor!